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Void Arena Demo Released

changes in this build:

-double jump fx and sounds added

-balance changes to spinning minions (reduced health and movement speed significantly.) 

-damage done by the player’s melee attacks has been increased by 50%

-Crimson’s touch now returns 50 mana when hitting a target

-Changes to the layout and challenges in the tutorial 

-support for game pads added (mouse and keyboard needed in menus for now) 

please note that support for controllers is new and will require turning off steam for it to work 

The Kickstarter Ritual is now live and with it, the first official public demo of our game!

We want to take this opportunity to send an immensely large thank you to everyone who is supporting us so early in development! Void Arena, and even our game studio is just a whisper and a dream without you!

We hope that everyone enjoys the demo. We want to make it clear that this is an opportunity to be a part of early development. You are playing the most recent stable version of the demo available, and is not in any way a final release. The game is near its minimum playable state, but is still missing some key features.

The game is not yet at a point where players can pour hundreds of hours into it, we intend for you to play for between one and a few hours with the option to continue to get better gear if you desire. We will not release any updates to this demo UNLESS there are issues imposing on playability or anything game breaking in general. We hope to catch all of these as we test internally but will fix them via a new build as quickly as we can in the event they arise.

A few things to be aware of – our character creator [unfortunately] is not quite ready yet. During the demo there will be very limited character customization.
The character creator we have planned is extensive but unfortunately is not ready to be included in the demo. Additionally, you will only be able to create one character at a time during the demo, we will be supporting multiple character in a future alpha release.

Key features of the demo:

Sanctuary Map
– The map has been completely rebuilt using KitBash3d models and 3d scanned textures
– Terrain textures have been updated
– Buildings
– New environment props
– Crafting stations
– New rift and vendor systems

Character Models
– New, original armor set added with custom designed 3d models and textures
– new [random] models for weapons in game
– new original 3d models added for all human/half elf characters (except the wizard Malgus)

– 22 active skills to unlock
– Attribute system added
– 9 different enemies
– 2 unique bosses

– New global leaderboard feature added
– Timed board for the tutorial
– Level scaling boards for void and infinite rifts

– Void rifts will now give you a skill after the boss is slain
– Infinite rifts will now open a treasure room after a floor is completed
– Free loot and rift scaling added in open rift menu

New Features
– New UI/UX
– Tutorial Dungeon has been added
– ~4 unique builds with limited overlap
– Target health system
– Vendor and crafting/salvage systems
– Extensive randomized loot algorithm
– Armor will now show when equipped (single mesh for the time being)
– Leaderboards now accessible though menus
– Continue/New Game System
– New music & sounds

Gameplay Changes
– Tutorial dungeon added
– Scaling added for rifts as well as gear dropped within these rifts
– Vendors, crafting, skills & treasure rooms have been added

Other Additions
– Bug Fixing
– Greatly Improved multiplayer netcode
– Global Leaderboards

Key features coming very soon
– Character creator
– Arena PVP mode
– Wilderness PVE/PVP zone
– Passive skills
– Friends List
– Cross platform multiplayer
– Act 1 of story mode

I will see you on the leaderboards!