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“The Wilderness” An APRG Game Mode Inspired by Naturo’s Chunnin Exams.

The Wilderness is a game mode in our game which combines both PVE and PVP in a unique way. In order to understand how exactly The Wilderness works we first need to learn about it’s semi procedurally generated landscape as well as about the two kinds of loot which can be found in Void Arena’s world. These two factors come together in a way that could only have been thought of with inspiration from Naruto’s Forest of trials. Players will engage with the game in expected ways and then end their encounters in a unique way.

It is very important to start off with the fact that in our game there are two kinds of loot: Soulbound and Unbound. Soulbound means that the item was found in the story, generally given as a reward for completing some important milestone. Soulbound loot is always exactly the same and cannot be traded or dropped. You will only ever be able to have one of these in your inventory at a time. Unbound loot on the other hand is always completely random (based on the level of difficulty which it was found) and any unbound item either equipped or in the inventory is dropped upon death. Unbound loot is found from slaying monsters and completing dungeons or delves.

The Wilderness is session based and can support up to 100 players. Players will start on the outside of ring of a 3 ring map. As a player get closer to the center, enemies grow stronger and the loot gets better. Scattered through the landscape random delves can be found. These are small procedural areas with special enemies a treasure room at the end. There are many places that delves can spawn in the wilderness but whether they do or not will be random. One of several end game type bosses will be found in the center of the Wilderness. These bosses will have a chance to drop unique artifacts which will greatly aide the player.

Up to now everything seems to be pretty straight forward and you may as yourself what is unique about it. The catch here is that there is no way to return back to the sanctuary with your loot. If you return to the sanctuary, it will count as a death and all of your unbound loot (thus everything you have picked up in the wilderness at the very least) will be lost. In order to get your treasure back home you will need to find 3 different tomes and conduct the ritual which will summon a portal back to the sanctuary. Much like in Naruto’s Forest of Trials each player starts the session with one of these tomes (Tomes of Air, Death & Life) and is tasked with slaying at least one other player in the pursuit of the other tomes. If you yourself are slain, you will be able to return back to life up to 3 times.

here is the concept painted as a pretty picture!

Once a player has conducted the ritual and opens a portal, the portal can be used up to 5 times and will have a very noticeable beacon emanated from them. This gives players one additional way out in case they are having a hard time finding the tomes that they need. Before the start of the game, players will be put in a waiting at the top of the middle pyramid.

I hope that this post has given you a bit of information about our unique game mode and that you have take something from it. If you haven’t please send us a message and we will be sure to fire the guy who wrote this and send you all of his belongings via DHL!

Our game is launching on Kickstarter soon so if you haven’t already please check out the pre-launch page and give us a follow!

Thank you! CHEERS!