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Q: How can I play the Void Arena Demo

A: You can either find it on Steam or use the direct download link on this page.

Q: What kind of game is Void Arena

A: VOID ARENA is a round based Team FPS rougelite drawing inspiration from classic shooters created in the 1990’s & early 2000’s with the added twist of a classic Action RPG combat system.

Q: Are the leaderboards live’?

A: Yes they are, we will have 2 upcoming mini seasons and we will wipe them once before the start of Early Access.

Q: Why do I see some characters that look like they are from ‘Paragon’?

A: After the monumental success of Fortnite, Epic Games decided to cancel the release of Paragon and give millions of dollars in assets for free to Unreal Engine developers. We are taking full advantage of this and will be using these assets as they are and edited as needed for many of the creatures in Void Arena.

Q: What languages will Void Arena be in?

A: For the start it will be in English, Spanish & Portuguese, but we will support many more in the future.

Q: Do you plan to release on platforms other than PC?

A: Yes, we will be releasing on PC, Mac & Linux at launch and plan to move to consoles shortly after a successful initial launch.

Q: What exactly is “The Wilderness”?

A: “The Wilderness” is a unique game mode that is directly inspired by Forest of Trials from Naruto. It features up to 100 players, can be joined alone or with up to 5 teammates. Within the wilderness many unique creeps and rewards can be found. However the only way to escape back to the sanctuary with your your treasure is to collect all of 3 different tomes. Each player will spawn into the game with 1 of the 3 tomes.

Q: What is the current state of development?

A: We are currently working full force to release in Early Access on Steam in Early 2022.

Q: How big is the development team of VOID ARENA?

A: VOID ARENA is being developed by 1 person, me, @sad_gandalf.